Work in shopping sites


Today, shopping sites have become an important proportion of retail sales around the world, and although the matter is still somewhat new in the Arab world, the electronic market is growing at a very fast pace, and below we learn more about this sector and information about working in it.

Work in shopping sites

The online shopping sector has continued to grow over the past ten years, and with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down the majority of stores around the world, shopping websites have seen a record rise in sales.

This growth was preceded by a demand for manpower, especially the skilled, who can work in several jobs, the most important of which include:

  • Building and creating websites
  • Determine what must be offered to the consumer
  • Website operation on a daily basis
  • Delivery of the ordered goods

Shopping Website Jobs

Building websites is to contribute to the design and development of the website, and this field requires great experience and knowledge of design and computer science, and the person is not employed in it unless he is qualified and experienced.

The second function is to determine what to display on the site, by studying current market trends, and knowing what will be sold in the right quantity, at the right price and quality, at the right time.

Running the site on a daily basis is a job in managing the site and making it work continuously without problems or errors, as well as managing the company’s social networking sites, responding to customers, and optimizing search engines to promote the growth of the site.

Delivery of goods is a job that includes the person who manages the warehouses to the person who delivers the goods to the door of the buyer’s house.

Qualifications to work in shopping sites

Some site owners search for candidates with graduate degrees depending on the job they want to pursue, such as degrees in computer science, logistics, merchandising, and journalism.

Shopping sites are looking for other specific competencies such as:

  • General understanding of online retail and how it works
  • Good understanding of search engines and website traffic المرور
  • Ability to adapt to modern technologies
  • Knowledge of software development and web development
  • Communication skills with clients

Experience is not necessary in e-commerce, but some sites may require it, and this includes experience not only in shopping sites, but also on the ground such as working as a sales assistant in a retail store.

Experience in other areas is also useful, such as experience in creating a website or blogging, because it will make you gain more experience in designing and managing websites.

Getting a job

To search for a job on the shopping sites, you visit one of these sites and click on the “Jobs” option that usually appears at the bottom of the page, and find out if there are vacancies on the site, or contact the site to inquire about vacancies.

Before applying for a job, you can follow the company on social media to learn more about the site’s policy and what they are looking for, because a better understanding of the company enhances the chances of getting work., for example, is an Amazon site that is considered the largest Arab online shopping site. It allocates a full page for vacancies on the site, and each job specifies the necessary qualifications for it.

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