Types of performance indicators and main types of reports for websites


Types of performance indicators:


This indicator is considered to be one of the most important indicators of website performance. It is important to know, for example, the number of website visitors who have downloaded a digital book or purchased a specific product, and this ratio will help you guide what should be written or make changes to meet the needs of a larger audience.

Bounce Rate:

This is useful for understanding the number of site visitors who enter the site and then leave the site without any interaction with the content (such as watching a specific video or browsing other pages), and to indicate the percentage of visitors’ satisfaction with the site’s content. location.


This indicator shows the number of visits by a particular user, and the visit is restricted to a maximum time of no more than 30 minutes per session.


This indicator shows the number of people visiting your store or website, and in most cases, this number is less than the number of sessions, because a user may visit the website multiple times in a certain period of time.


This indicator shows the number of pages that visitors to your website or online store have already viewed. This metric allows the website or store owner to know important pages that are frequently visited.


This metric determines the average number of pages per session and is useful for understanding the extent to which visitors interact with your website content.

Average session length:

This metric measures the average time a visitor spends in each session within the store or website, and as time increases, it indicates the quality of the content.

Types of reports:


The report shows the statistics of the visitors who are currently visiting the site


The report can determine the geographic location of visitors and help develop targeting strategies

Traffic source:

The report identifies the source of the visited website, for example (Google, email, direct visit, etc.). You should follow this report to fully understand the statistics to understand which channel attracts visitors the most.


This report identifies the content viewed by website visitors.


This report is useful for identifying the most important keywords that draw visitors to a particular page.

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