Google launches professional training courses and certificates to help job seekers


Google launches professional training courses and certificates to help job seekers:

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced a new career certification program and other training courses that will provide a portal for the work of companies such as Anthem, Bayer, Deloitte, Verizon, and SAP.

Pichai explained in his blog that on March 11th, Coursera users will have access to the new Android developer certification course, as well as three new user experience design (UX), project management and data analysis that have been available since September. Certification. .

You can access professional certificates and training courses through the following link: Google IT Certificate

“As more and more companies adopt digital work methods, by 2025, it is estimated that 50% of employees will need to improve their skills. As more and more people receive vaccinations, job opportunities in the United States resume growth. We are committed to ensuring everyone has the skills they need to take advantage of greater economic opportunities.”

“To help, today we announced new efforts, including opening up registration for our latest professional certification, expanding our employers’ union, and introducing new tools to improve job search conditions.”

Google will provide 100,000 scholarships for its professional certification program and said it has helped 170,000 Americans enter the technology industry through its certification platform.

After the program is completed, students will have access to the work committees of companies composed of companies such as Accenture, Infosys, Zenify, SiriusXM + Pandora (and of course Google itself).

Lisa Gefelper, Google’s vice president of growth, said: “We are very excited about the commitment these certifications have shown in rapidly reshaping workers’ skills to enable fast-growing technical jobs, and ultimately proved that they support a fairer and more inclusive The ability of the economy to recover.”.

According to data from the Department of Labor, about 10 million people are currently unemployed, but the World Economic Forum estimates that in the next five to ten years, millions of employees across the country will need some form of rehabilitation.

During the Google certification program, Coursera courses cost $39 per month. The company also offers training courses in the certification areas of data analysis, IT support, project management and user experience design.

Applications will open in April.

The 100,000 scholarships announced by Google will be distributed through many non-profit organizations, workforce development committees, and community organizations (such as Merit America, Per Scholas, NPower, Goodwill, Futuro Health, and Generation USA).

Rebecca Taber, Co-CEO of Merit America, said: “Google Employment Certificates provide workers with a fast and flexible way to work on demand without having to quit their daily jobs while studying.”

Conor Dimand-Yuman, Co-CEO of Merit America, added that the partnership “has changed the results for our participants, with most alumni beginning in new positions, increasing the average salary from $26,000 before the program to the post-position Average salary. Planned salary.” At $50,000, their income almost doubled. ”

After the announcement in September, Google expanded Google’s Employment Certification Association to more than 130 companies; those who complete the program will be able to send their resumes directly to the company.

Google said that it not only wants to help the unemployed, but also hopes to help those who want to get out of their current jobs. The company is working with Guild Education to improve skills.

Through this cooperation, front-line workers from organizations such as Wal-Mart, Walt Disney Company, Discover, Chipotle, and Lowe will be certified by Google for Work so that they can learn new skills and develop in the workplace.

Paul Friedman, President of the Association’s Education and Learning Market, said: “Our partnership with Google will enable us to provide strategic opportunities to improve the skills of the American workforce.” “By leveraging Google’s employment certificate, our Fortune 1000 Frontline employees of strong employer partners can develop many of the key skills required for the positions required today.”

The Google Certificate Program was originally created at the beginning of the pandemic, when the company conducted a worker survey to better understand what was going on.

A study by the Consumer Insights Research Center of the Strada Education Center found that if more than one-third of workers lose their current positions, they will have the key goal of finding new jobs; 73% of workers said they are interested in online training programs To help them diversify their skills.

The survey found that 70% of respondents believe that online certification will provide them with opportunities in the job search process.

Google also announced that it will create a new search function in the United States to make it easier for people to find jobs based on their experience and education.

People can now search for “jobs without a degree” on Google to find opportunities, and the company is collaborating with job sites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Snagajob, ZipRecruiter, and CareerBuilder to make job requirements clearer.

Pichai said in a statement: “As the economic recovery in the United States and the world accelerates, we have the opportunity to help build a more inclusive and fair economy.” “This is the purpose of advertising today, and we are very It’s great to work with employers, community colleges, non-profit organizations, and job seekers to achieve this goal.”

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