Is digital marketing successful?


The digital progress of our time occupies a large part of our daily lives and has almost become a symbol of civilization in developed countries:

Digital marketing has become a guide to the success of companies and institutions, because successful digital marketing will increase the profit of the company or organization and develop and increase sales, and the company’s managers must deal with everything related to these modern technologies to ensure the best of their business. Good success.

Advantages of digital marketing:

Digital marketing (electronics) has many advantages, which makes the world welcomed by the technological revolution in which we live in the Internet field, and thus favored by companies and individuals. The world has become a small village with millions of users, making marketing activities a very effective tool for rapid spread in the market and social networking sites.

In the world of the Internet, this may be as simple as a few clicks until your product or service appears in the target group. Compared with traditional marketing, e-marketing also has fewer obstacles, and the expenditure is accurate and economical, with specific goals and measurable results, because it is a large or small enterprise of all types, even emerging or professional, can be Profitable marketing tools and charity.

Digital marketing methods:

There are many search engines, the most famous is Google.

Search engine marketing is based on the process of configuring and optimizing the content of your website so that when target customers are directed to your website directly, it will appear at the forefront of search results.

This method is one of the most important digital marketing strategies because most target customers come from search engines.

Search engine marketing is divided into three types:

1. Search Engine Marketing:

Paid Research (SEM):

This is a process based on showing results to many target visitors by paying per click or CPC. In this process, advertisers pay for each click on the ads displayed above or below the search results, and Google Ads is an example of this type, and it is one of the most popular paid advertising platforms on the Internet.

Free search (SEO):

This is the process of improving and configuring a website in search engines so that it can be placed in the best order and highest search results for other websites. This method is called the natural (natural) way of the website, and it is displayed on the first page of search results, depending on how well the words searched by the user in the search engine match the content of your website.

2. Marketing through smart devices:

We often notice the impact of smart devices on human life, and smart devices have become the most important condition for reading, writing, shopping, socializing, work and various other activities in daily life. As our demand for smartphones continues to grow, many marketing professionals have realized the importance of smartphones promoting products in a variety of ways that can attract consumers to use these products.

Use SMS and chat applications for marketing:

As an effective marketing tool that can attract target customers, SMS still occupies a high position in the company. “Although I personally don’t want to do this, maybe it’s because I don’t like annoying advertising information.” And some companies and marketing departments are developing Analyze and locate users of these messages and certain applications, and provide marketing products suitable for target market segments.

Develop a website compatible with mobile web browsers for marketing in the following ways:

Brands that provide compatible versions of websites through mobile browsers will increase the process of buying products at high prices, which proves that the number of people browsing the website through smartphones is increasing, and once the website develops in a certain way, suitable for mobile browsers and smartphones, promotions There are more opportunities for products.

Mobile app

Because applications can attract users in creative and attractive ways, they are considered one of the most important marketing channels on smart devices. Mobile applications differ from mobile sites in that they can provide an improved user experience, the ability to easily monitor their behavior, and the ability to directly interact with them by providing marketing messages and alerts based on their daily behavior and geographic location

3. Marketing through social media applications:

The last major and important method is the so-called social media applications. Linking smart devices to these applications and sharing them on social media sites on all occasions is a unique and effective solution to increase visibility or promote products. . This marketing method is characterized by its ability to attract a large number of smart device users and share them on social media platforms.

This tool is used to attract customers in a variety of ways, just like some cafes and restaurants offer specific discounts or special offers for those who mention their location and share experiences or specific products (such as with friends) through exchange sites .

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