Google’s policies are too strict for publishers


There is no doubt that the advertising service provided by Google to website owners and publishers, namely Google AdSense, is the best among all other competing advertising companies, most of which rely on pop-up ads, bad and unethical ads, Some of them also contain malware.

Therefore, for advertisers from large companies from all over the world, the preferred way to place ads on different target sites is to provide AdSense through Google Adwords’ well-known advertiser service, which is characterized by its highly professional and professional advertising. Diversity and complete control of targeted interests and activities and many other outstanding features.

But the problem with the Google Adsense publisher system is that the company follows a strict policy of protecting advertisers. As it says, yes, violations must be dealt with firmly. The bad guys commit violations and post misleading and annoying ones. Content, as well as constant violations of the AdSense program’s policies, which led the company to adopt the policy.

But unfortunately, as people say good and bad things, there are many people who work in a way that is not illegal and legal, trying to create unique content and act in accordance with AdSense policies, but when the first unexpected error or lack of right A full understanding of the policy will result in the exclusion and destruction of its account in Adsense without prior warning, and a waste of years of work and hard work in the content industry. Not only that, but the domain of the site is banned from applying for Adsense again to again It is forbidden to place advertisements on Adsense, which will cause any content producer on the Internet to feel great frustration, and will feel disappointed after great fatigue and hard work.

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