The Psychology of Color in Digital Marketing


Colors are indispensable in our lives as they give us many mental images, whether in logos or in paintings, and just as colors have great importance in street advertisements, they are also important in the world of e-marketing.

You have to be familiar with the most information about the psychology of color in digital marketing in order to be able to communicate your message in the right way, and the psychological factor has a very large role in interacting with the content or commodity that you offer.

Colors do not have a fixed base, but there are broad lines that we offer you on the “My Profits” blog, for example the red color that helps you motivate and spread, and it is included in many brands.

The role of color in digital marketing

Why is color important in marketing?

In psychology, colors mean the expression of certain feelings, black denotes anger and revolution, while red indicates excitement and interest, while white indicates calm and may mean fading, so it does not enter much into big commercial slogans.

Whenever the color is appropriate with the brand, things will become well in the minds of customers, and of course the percentage of sale of the product presented will increase, and the brand must be elegant, firmly in the mind of the customer, and not change much with the passage of time.

The relationship between colors and mind

And the global search engine Google tells us in its online training courses that colors have a very large role in the psychological factor and the ability to persuade as one of the prominent aspects of marketing that attracts attention, but what is the real reason for the importance of colors ?!

Colors give you a lot of meaning before you read the written content, and many international goods and products have clear signs that you know as soon as you see the logo, such as: iPhone, Mercedes, McDonald’s and other big signs.

– Connotations of some colors

  • Green means life and natural beauty, and the product is environmentally friendly and has no harm.
  • Blue is mostly used by a lot of websites and blogs as well as insurance companies and banks.
  • Yellow is a strong color that is as attractive to the eye as McDonald’s – as it catches attention if you see it anywhere.
  • Orange in its shades suggests optimism and is a hallmark of large companies such as Orange (formerly Mobinil).
  • Violet denotes innovation, and it gives a state of difference between the company and customers because it is unconventional.
  • Silver and black: colors that imply luxury, and are often brands of clothes, watches, various perfumes, and high-priced goods.

Colors preferred by men and women

There are many colors and shades that men and women like, if the commodity is general, you can use it, for example men prefer dark colors, while women prefer calm colors and different shades.

But there is a general rule in the world of color psychology when digital marketing says that one of the most important factors for success is that colors are comfortable for the eye, especially if there is interference between more than one color.

The merging colors should be in harmony with each other, and here we are talking about: Use the appropriate background, and the accent colors to create a hierarchy.

– The dividing line in the colors

Color science in digital marketing does not mean that 1 + 1 = 2, but there are a lot of rules that can be followed so we cannot mention explicit instructions that can be chosen, but there is a specific context that can be used, such as dealing with the dividing line in colors.

Colors play a big role in the identity of the required brand, and as we mentioned before, the overlap of colors must be suitable enough for men and women, and if the item is specific to a specific category, this matter must also be taken into account.

Cultural concepts and the mental image of colors must be respected, which differ from one country to another, but if the commodity is global, the standard differs somewhat, and you must understand the negative opinions that criticize your slogan, and try to develop from it for the better.

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