How to professionally market your services on the Internet?


If you intend to start a freelance business on the Internet or possess skills that people are looking for and provide required services on the Internet, but you suffer from scarcity of clients and few requests while you are at the beginning of the road, you will need to market yourself in the middle of the Internet that is filled with millions of marketing ads and people who provide the same services So how do you compete with them and guarantee a piece of the profits candy, continue reading the article in which we will review some effective and free ways to market your services on the Internet, today’s topic revolves around ways to bring customers to your business on the Internet for free.

Where and how do you professionally market your services on the Internet?

The World Wide Web, as some like to call it, is full of free marketing platforms that will cost you nothing, except to open an account and start marketing your services on it and communicate with customers, all you need is to know where and how to present yourself. In this article, we will detail how to market, where can the freelancer find potential customers, and how to offer his services to them professionally:

Marketing your freelance business through social media platforms

Before we talk about the best social media sites that we will rely on to obtain clients for the services we provide, we will address general and common points between all these platforms, which is how to display social media accounts, so that the page that represents your free work on the Internet is professional enough to draw attention The client and gaining his confidence before speaking about the details of the required work, it is advisable that you pay attention to:

  • The profile picture: the cover of the personal account or the thumbnail of the page from which you intend to market for freelance work on the Internet, it must be professional, it is the first thing that falls on the eye of the browser looking for people with skills, meaning your thumbnail must express the service provided by the account holder to a high extent Accuracy, and if possible, writing on it will be better. Do not worry if you do not know how to design an attractive image or do not know the measurements of images and social media covers. I present to you a site of the best sites that allow designing images for all social media platforms for free, it is sufficient to just choose the platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn in order to refer you to a design workshop with the appropriate size for the site you chose, it is the famous canva site and it is rich in definition. Just write the name of the site on YouTube. You will find hundreds of videos explaining how to work on this site.
  • Professional description: The description boxes provided by social media are not only for writing romantic phrases and describing the situation you are in, but can be used to describe the service you provide as an independent on the Internet, few words focused that attract customers and clearly explain the type of service you provide, important words in marketing to yourself .
  • Diversifying the ways customers communicate with you as a freelance business owner on the Internet: meaning that you have accounts on the most famous social media platforms to facilitate access to you. Not all clients deal with Facebook, some of them enter on Twitter a lot, such as customers from the Gulf countries, and others use WhatsApp and some Instagram. That is why it is best to have accounts to serve you anywhere the customer can be.

After creating a professional account or marketing page, start publishing it on the social media groups that are interested in your field of work, with a permanent presence so that you can respond quickly to every inquiry that customers ask you, this is very important in winning the customer, do you think that he will wait for you a lot and there are hundreds of freelancers ready Always to seize the opportunity to communicate with the customer.

The most popular platforms to find clients are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Marketing your services by creating a blog or YouTube channel

Another effective idea is to create blogs and YouTube channels with the aim of helping people with what they are looking for, and at the same time bringing customers, a simple free blog in which the content writer publishes some creative articles that reflect his mastery of the art of writing, inevitably the owners of other sites will contact him to buy his articles, or a YouTube channel to learn People deal with image design programs or video montages and where the owner presents all his creativity will have a positive impact in getting a client looking for a professional design right?

Creating a blog or opening a YouTube channel will not cost you a lot of money, but it will return you and your freelance business in the Internet in abundant good.

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