The difference between traditional marketing and e-marketing


Marketing is one of the most important areas of the era that can never die. There is no commercial establishment that can give up marketing, as it is considered as a link between the company with its products and customers.
Marketing depends mainly on the persuasive and motivational method that makes the customer convinced of the product’s features and that those features he really needs

Marketing stages

  • Find a problem that many individuals suffer from.
  • Finding a solution to the problem in the form of a service or a product.
  • Educating customers about the problem and how to solve it in the form of the product or service.

Successful marketing depends on:

  1. Satisfying human needs in a persuasive manner.
  2. And obtaining customer satisfaction.
  3. Achieve brand loyalty.
  4. Fixing the brand image in the minds of customers.

Definition of traditional marketing

It is that marketing that was mainly based on propaganda and advertising through:

  • Television
  • The Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Road signs

And that kind of marketing depends on communication from one party, which is the sender or advertiser only.

Traditional Marketing Means

1- TV ads

They are concentrated in the form of short-term videos that highlight the idea of ​​the product in the form of:

  • a story
  • Problem and remedy for it.

Business owners struggle to cooperate with the most viewed media channels and to obtain an arrangement in displaying ads to serve product sales and to choose the appropriate timing for displaying that ad.

We find that television channels specialize in certain types of advertisements, so each channel has a specific character and the percentage of viewership from an audience that has a special character, so it chooses ads that are compatible with the nature of the viewers.

2. Radio ads

They are those ads that depend on audio recordings that talk about a specific product or service and are shown on the radio because they correspond to the nature of the followers of a specific program or a certain period.

3. newspaper advertisements

They are those ads that exist in a certain size and certain newspapers in the newspapers. And each newspaper is distinguished by its own style of dialogue and followers with a certain character.
Therefore, we find that the news papers such as:

  • Pyramids
  • Egyptian today

Its ads differ from commercial newspapers such as:

  • Al-Waseet Newspaper

4. Advertising signs on the roads

These banners were written in Arabic script on a certain type of cloth and were distinguished by certain colors to draw the attention of pedestrians in the streets to the advertisement. The commercial establishments that follow this method of advertising depend on marketing to target customers in the surrounding area. Therefore, street signs are posted to draw the attention of neighborhood residents to the surrounding business.

Definition of e-marketing

It is marketing that has become the basis for all commercial establishments and small enterprises in raising awareness of their brand and achieving sales of the product or service of the company’s commercial activity. It is marketing that depends on the interaction between the sender and the recipient or the advertiser and the target customer.

Means of electronic marketing

E-marketing is characterized by ease of advertising, reaching target customers and achieving effective results, and it also provides you with reports with analytics for your commercial advertisement. There are many electronic marketing methods that are characterized by their results.

1. Social media ads

Social Media is characterized by its various ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms. There are huge numbers of users on each platform, for example:


It attracts users to it by creating and adding friends and it uses many methods to make you continue to use Facebook, including:

Send an alert for your friends’ birthdays
It sends you an alert to congratulate them
The album collects your memories and photos every period and every year


Which is characterized by: attractive pictures and short videos. And artists and famous personalities prefer to use it to share snapshots of their personal lives with the public.


The news site, which has the advantage of publishing news in the form of a short tweet that does not exceed 280 characters, is therefore symbolized by the bird symbol. It has political figures, broadcasters and other personalities with influential voices on society.


That’s the site that specializes in bonus and career. Most of those who are present are the owners of companies and businesses and young people with experience who are looking for a job and exchange experiences with others.

2. Advertising spaces on websites

When you browse any website, you find a set of ads that are compatible with your interests, and those ads are mainly directed to you and are not displayed in front of you by chance.

3. Bearish ads

They are those ads that are shown to you as soon as you operate your computer or phone with the Internet. These ads are shown to you because they correspond to your interests. Therefore, we find that business owners rely on e-marketing to allocate targeting from customers to effectively increase the percentage of sales.

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