How do you do a successful keyword targeting analysis?


Keywords is one of the indispensable basics in SEO and increasing the visibility of your results on the first pages across search engines as well as the progress of the ranking of your site or blog, which we will talk about in detail in the next lines.

The “My Profits” blog provides you with the reasons why you are interested in choosing strong keywords. Many website owners fall into the dilemma of interest in content, external links, and other matters, but they do not care about choosing keywords.

Certainly, the results will be unsatisfactory and will make you feel frustrated. You just have to read the next tips and instructions to learn more about successful keyword analysis.

Key factors for keyword analysis

1- Research quantity

  • You have to be on the rise in what means the keywords you choose should keep you traffic for longer than two weeks.
  • In fact, you may choose a keyword that will increase searching within a day or two, but afterwards you will not get any visits, which is a common mistake.
  • This means that the keyword you choose must always be present in the search engine and on an ongoing basis.
  • Examples of this are many, and we can talk about the types of cars, electronic devices and smartphones, which continue to escalate with the presence of new versions of them.

2- The number of results in the search engine

  • The global search engine Google revealed, earlier, that the number of results is not an important metric in identifying and analyzing keyword strength.
  • But in fact, the number of results is an important factor, albeit secondary, but influencing keyword choices, and with the language of numbers, the number of results is influential.

3- Price per click

  • It is known that the CPC is less than $ 1 in Arabic content, but this is a secondary criterion and not a major one with regard to our topic today, keyword analysis.
  • But if the content is foreign, then you will find a high click rate and a low level of difficulty, and the search rate is good.
  • How do I know the price per click? .. With the Keyword Planner, Google Engine enables you to obtain information about the price.
  • The higher the click rate, the stronger and stronger the keyword will be for your site and try to work on it.

4- Search volume

  • One of the main factors in determining the monthly search volume for the keyword you choose for your topic.
  • But how do I know that? .. You should use the famous and free Keyword Planner tool from the global search engine Google, which is one of the tools that webmasters should not overlook because it provides important information that enables you to analyze the keywords you use.
  • But note: When using this site, you must enter the language in which you work and the country you are targeting in order for the results to be accurate.
  • The lowest average monthly search volume for the keyword you want should be 3,000 visits.
    There are studies that indicate that they make your site at least 100 visits per day.
  • But the smaller the search volume for the keyword per month, the lower the payoff will be if you use it on your site.

5- Comparison between similar keywords

  • An important way to analyze keywords is to compare similar ones. In the Keywords Planner tool and in Google Trends, you will also find lots of suggestions about the same keyword.
  • Often times you will find word order or shortening of words that increase the number of visitors to your site, and we recommend that you pay attention to the comparison between all the same words and choose the best one.
  • And note that there are a lot of words when they are shortened and you will find them the most requested and the highest searched, which is required to be proven .. Seize the opportunity and use it.
  • Often searches exceed double if the word is abbreviated.

6- Keyword Discovery

  • It is a powerful research tool for analyzing keywords and knowing their power and impact, and it is widely used in Canada and the United States of America.
  • One of its advantages is that its results are accurate, and it gives you the search rate for a specific word, and you can use it alongside Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

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