All you need to know about SEO


The SEO process is the process by which the site begins to live in order for visitors to enter the site and the meaning of the word SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which means creating sites for search engines.

And configuring any site in general for search engines will have two things, the first thing is the internal configuration of the site, or what is known as On Page SEO, and this will be based on several factors that will be mentioned, and the other thing is the external configuration of the sites Off Page SEO and it will also be mentioned at the end.

Configure sites internally

Configuring your site internally is very important on the site, and 60% of your access to the summit may be in the internal preparation of the site, which is like gears. You must pay attention to all aspects of the gears in order to go together in a system that helps the site advance forward.

To create the site internally, you must do the following:

  • Collecting keywords: Start collecting keywords in the field of your site, and at the beginning, be sure to collect keywords that are easy to compete and have a large or medium number of visitors, and the advertising competition on them is medium or slightly less, because of the ease of holding the word in the search engine and getting visitors from it.
  • Distinctive content: write distinct articles that target the keywords you have collected and the number of words inside each article is at least 300 words for easy-to-compete words and you can increase the number of words and this is better and be sure to put exclusive images inside the article.
  • Site speed: Pay attention to your site’s speed, as this is now one of the most important factors for ranking sites in search engines, especially in 2017.
    You can measure the speed of your site through this link or through Google’s speed measurement tool.
  • Internal links to your site: Always make sure to link your site together through internal links on your site that link closely related articles together. Watch this article: internally refine the article to see how to do it.
  • Responsive site: In 2017, there are no longer many unresponsive websites visible on the scene, so do not start from a dark place, but make your site responsive to make your site start right.
  • Be always careful to test the speed of your site permanently and make sure to provide the distinctive content on the site and make sure that there are no Broken Links on your site in order to maintain the strength of your internal site.

Site configuration externally

This part is a very important part, and it is the largest gear in the aforementioned gear group, so you should also pay close attention to it, and we will only talk about two parts in it, which are the backlinks and the social signs.

External backlinks

Start building backlinks for your site, and you can create backlinks in site directories and other forums, and most importantly, build backlinks in sites in a specialized field in the same specialty as your site, and this is the most beneficial.

Also, the backlink in the middle of the content of my Anchor Text is always more useful to look at the quality inside content that Google loves, but be careful not to overload it.

When building a backlink, look for sites with a high domain authority, and it is preferable to make backlinks from pages with high page authority because it is the most useful.

Social Signals

Share your site on various social networking sites, the most important of which are Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, and if you are on other social networking sites, there is no problem, such as Reddit, Pinterest, or others.

And Social Signals is every process of liking, commenting, or sharing on your website links, calculated by Google, and increases your site’s confidence for every social sign you get.

Backlinks are the ones who tell Google that your site is on the Internet, so they enter your site after telling them you are there.

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