Factors developed for SEO 2021


If you want to know the most important factors developing in SEO 2021, you can benefit from reading this article to improve the visibility of your page or website in search engine results, it is necessary for you to be aware of the upcoming changes and how to prepare for them in the best way.

Experts and specialists expect that changes will occur in the field of SEO every period, and this is what has already happened as Google announced two updates scheduled for March and May 2021, and in this article we will discuss these two main trends that we expect to have an impact in changing the direction of SEO. seo 2021.

Page Experience update

Starting from May 2021, “page experience signals” will be among the factors of SEO 2021 and ranking in search engines, and it means: the way visitors feel when they interact with a web page, which is determined by a number of features, the most important of which are: mobile relevance, safe browsing. Etc., all of which are basic factors operating within the framework of “Page Experience”.

In addition, Google has made “basic web basics” part of the “page experience” and are considered metrics centered around the user experience in terms of focusing on loading speed, interactivity, visual stability and responsiveness to medium and small screens.

How to get a successful experience and be ready for 2021 SEO?

Imagine – for example – that you notice, while browsing a site, that the button is tracking your mouse and moving it around randomly whenever you approach it, without a doubt this will be a bad user experience.
In order to obtain a good user experience, we will have to achieve the new factors on seo 2021, especially in terms of updating the page experience, by providing higher quality content and more attractive to the user, and the website loads faster, is more interactive, is more stable, and has many factors. Security [https], its compatibility with mobile phones, and more, which undoubtedly provides a good and successful user experience.

Indexing cell phones first

One of the most important factors of SEO 2021 is the interest in programming and configuring websites for mobile devices first, as it has become common knowledge to focus on updating websites on office devices only, but the SEO changes that will occur in the coming days require attention to the response of sites and their appearance appropriately on all types of screens and mobile devices .

Website Performance Core Web Vitals

It is also a key factor that will play an important role in the context of the announced updates regarding SEO 2021, where three indicators and factors that are of importance to the user experience are measured, namely:

  • Download time

It means: the time it takes to load the page from the point of view of the actual user, and what matters in this matter is the user’s ability to see and interact with the page, and to achieve this you have to remove any unnecessary third-party scripts, as every third-party script slows down the page By 34 ms.

You should also use better hosting, remove the large page elements that slow loading your page, and minimize CSS.

  • Interact with the page

It means: the time that the user takes to interact with your page, and includes, for example: choosing an option from the list, entering your e-mail … etc.

  • Site stability upon download

If the elements on your page move while the page loads, then it is negatively affecting SEO 2021 and to ensure stability, you can use the dimensions of the specified size attribute for any media you use. Also, make sure that the ad elements have reserved space.

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