How to write an article compatible with SEO ?


,Before starting to talk about how to write an article that respects all the basic SEO rules, first review this article on defining SEO in a simple way.

What are the most important SEO rules for Take the lead of search engines?

One of the most important reasons for using SEO techniques is the frequent use of search engines to search for their requirements. More than 90% of Internet users use search engines, the most famous of which is Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO rules for article implementation

  1. The keyword at the beginning of the title, and the title consists of 30 to 60 characters.
  2. The keyword in the topic link on the site as it is or its translation into English.
  3. The keyword in the first paragraph (the first 15 words) of the article and in the last paragraph as well.
  4. The article is divided into several paragraphs with headings and subheadings after the introduction, and the headings option is used in the implementation of the headings (Heading 2 for headlines, Heading 3 for sub-headers and Heading 4 after that) instead of the paragraph, and the keyword is used in a heading header size 2.
  5. The keyword is placed in a bold sentence “once, in another sentence once underlined, and in a third sentence in italics again.
  6. The keyword density (number of times the keyword is repeated) in the text is 1% to 5%, meaning if the text is 1000 words, the keyword is used from 10 to 50 times only.
  7. One paragraph should contain 20 to 30 words as a maximum, and we mean the paragraph here before using the “Enter”, and the preferred form of a SEO article in general is an introduction to the topic, then side headings that contain an introduction to it and elements.
  8. It is also desirable to use high-quality media and visual materials in an attractive manner in the text, including images, videos, graphics, etc., as well as to use the keyword to describe and address the prominent image of the text and images within it.
  9. Adding internal links to texts in the article, such as adding links to other similar articles related to the topic of interest to the reader, or concluding the text with a preamble, “For more such, you can visit the section dedicated to the site from here” and attach a link to the topics section on the site, and it is preferable to add up to three internal links to the site.
  10. Using the keyword in the hashtags, and adding several other hashtags that approximate the search word and can mean the topic (with a maximum of 6 tags, and it is preferable to use two or three words in each tag such as “Facebook celebrities, most famous Facebook accounts, etc.”).

Regarding the description of the meta: it is the description of the article as it appears in Google search, from the title and the short short description, and it is not recommended to change the title, but it is recommended to write the description that is attractive to the reader and present to him what he is searching for briefly. > Website or blog link> Site name> and part of the topic (mostly from the first), and you have to take into account in them your use of the target keyword.

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